Saturday, April 19, 2008

Where We Have Been.

So its My fault that My girl and I have been M.I.A. from the blogs this month. I have had a semi surprising and completely miserable medical issue come up. I am not going into details but to say not life threatening just really uncomfortable to the point of torturous at time over the past few weeks. I am on the mend from the trauma and gearing up to cope with some long term issues. There have been a few positives to come out of the mess of this month. The biggest positive has been how much closer together I feel it has brought Me and My girl.

I dont know exactly what I want to say... I am still sorting thru some thoughts but I feel closer to her now than I ever have before. she has been My angel. I was exposed and vulnerable and in need. she without question was there for Me in everyway.

When My strength faultered she kneeled so that I could lean on her. When I needed to find a reason, she was there with a smile and her big blue doll eyes to remind Me how good life can be. When I thought it couldnt get any worse she made Me think it wasnt so bad.

I feel as though I have shown her alot of My "weak spots" as a person lately and then the medical thing from hell happened and she saw Me maybe at My most vulnerable. I know now she accepts Me completely as her Daddy, and as her love. her feelings toward Me, and her submission to Me have not wavered but rather have only become deeper and stronger.


Kaii said...

Awww, this post was very sweet and heartfelt. I was very touched by your reaction to her love and support.

Doms have feelings too :D

It's nice to hear that as generally in the blogiverse, we don't hear much about how Doms really feel about their submissives.

I hope everything resolves for you medically.

Be Well....


her Man said...

Hi, yes Doms have feelings too, we just express them different occasionally. A good beating can be done out of love. And thank you for your well wishes I am feeling better