Monday, March 3, 2008

Pony Tails

My girl has been wearing her hair in pony tails alot for Me lately. she knows it pleases Me. I dont ask much of her dress code and presentation wise. My girl knows how to dress and I love her hair no matter how she wears it. she knows I like it up (the vamp in Me likes to see the neck) but I dont require this of her. I like to see all that hair down sometimes too. Variety is the spice of life after all.

But WOW I love the tails. I find them crazy cute and a pervy turn on and My girls effort to be pleasing in this way to Me has not gone unnoticed.

Ask Me First

I expressed to My girl that from now on I want her to ask permission for any activities she plans or intends on attending. We had this conversation before but I have never really been adamant on the subject. So from now on I dont want hear her say "I am going with so and so to here on this day" rather I want to hear her ask "Daddy is it ok if I go with so and so to here on this day?" Easy enough and totally submissive.

I desire this of her for a few reasons. Its a reminder of her submission to Me. her time is mine and I will ultimately decide how its used. Its also an exercise in trust. My girl needs to trust in the decisions I make for us and for her, she needs to trust that although I totally control her I am not totally controlling. And finally by asking permission, she will always know for sure that I know about and am not displeased with where she is planning on going or what she is planning on doing. No worries and no surprises that way.