Thursday, February 7, 2008


So My girl failed to reach "0" on My new task; the "countdown". her blog has all the details. Essentially, she is given a number at the first of the month and thats how many times she must makeherself cum when not in my presence. she picks the number and then I change it as I like. I added some in january. Part of the task is also reporting to me as soon as she can that she made herself cum for Me and give Me details. I like the details.

I knew it wouldnt be easy. I knew she would have to be at least occasionally inappropiate to make it to zero. We do spend alot of time together so some would have to happen at work or some other semi public place. That is what I wanted. I am evil that way. I want to know she is somewhere touching herself for Me, working hard to make herself cum for Me. I want her to know she is being completely inappropiate but has no choice because she must obey and please Me. I want her to tell Me all about what she did for Me. I was very disappointed when she missed hitting zero.

There are some circumstances to this month that made it tougher to make it to zero but that doesnt mean she shouldnt have done what she had to do to please Me. her orgasms are for Me. she cums at My pleasure. Those orgasms were not hers to ignore but rather they were mine to enjoy. So I have set out to make sure she understands this. I have instructed her to get herself close as often as she can thru out the day. I have set her feb countdown number to 0. I have made all her orgasms conditional. I am toying with her. Bouts of denial interspersed with random chances at an orgasm all the while forcing her to get close and deny herself over and over, is not only fun for Me but I hope its also lesson learned for her.

Some of My fav chances for her so far. walk into the room and ask her how long she thinks it would take for her to cum if she started now? "2 minutes really thats all?" then I said "go!". I saw it pass the 2 minute mark but I didnt stop her I wanted her to still try as hard as she could to cum as fast as she could. I wanted to hear the begging to cum. Then I said no. It was just short of 3 minutes. so close...

I was on top of her fucking her hard a few nights ago. I decided to give her a chance to cum. I leaned into her close to her face and asked her if she wanted a chance to cum? I got a very enthusiastic yes from My girl. So I told her I would say yes if she begged permission to cum within the next 10 strokes. I counted them out loud. she made it to 7 and started begging. I said yes cum hard for Me. I felt her and saw her and heard her obey Me.

I told her I would allow her to cum if she begged but only while I was spanking her. she got up on her knees and put her ass in the air like I like for spanking. I started spanking as she touched herself. everytime she got close I spanked harder. she finally managed to overcome the pain and beg to cum. I said yes and hand spanked her extremely hard as she came.

I have also decided she should be directly punished for disobeying and not completing her new task. she is to submit a list of 3 punishments and I will decide which one she gets. If I dont feel any are adequate well there is always the belt til My arm is sore from swinging I suppose