Friday, May 2, 2008

Birthday and Collar

I just wanted to catch up on the goings on the past few days. First, we celebrated My girls birthday. I think it was a good one for her. she spent it with people she loves and she got some good gifts.

Second, one of her gifts was a collar. We didnt and dont consider a collar worn as "necessary" for her to belong to Me, but I wanted her to wear one as a constant reminder to both of us that she does indeed belong to Me. The problem has been subtlety. A month or so ago I came up with the idea of an earring as a discreet collar. she agreed that an earring would work. So I got her a nice set of earrings as a collar. she must always wear at least one. I am debating an extra earhole just for her collar ring higher up on her ear. It would be easier to conceal under her hair, and maybe more comfortable. Additionally, I think it would be a more significant gesture if it was its own piercing. Regardless of ear location, the fact that she now wears My collar is extremely pleasing to Me and I am sure to her. It makes Me happy when I see it.

Third, I am feeling better. Still healing but not as miserable as I have been. Feeling good enough to Dom scheme. I have something planned for tonite. Its really devious. I am quite proud of it. I cant tell or it would ruin it but I am sure you will hear about it after the fact.