Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tell Me How Dominant You Are

I was talking to My girl last nite, sitting across from her in a chair, I dont know what we were talking about, I just dont quite remember. This is what I do remember her saying and this is what made Me react. she said, "I am a pretty dominant person". I flipped out a little bit ok maybe alot. The Dom hammer got dropped. It wasnt as knee jerk as it sounds, there was a fuse lit earlier. Let Me explain.

Earlier that day I was talking on the phone with My girl and this is what I heard for the first time that day, "I am a dominant person." It just rubs Me wrong to hear My /s talk about being dominant. so sue Me. I stewed on it for a little bit that day. It rubbed Me wrong not because I want My girl to be sub to everyone or anyone else but Me for that matter and not because I want her to be a dishrag or somehow weak. I love that she is smart, and capable. It rubbed Me wrong because I want her to be proud of being My /s. I want her to identify as My /s, not the worlds dom. My girls submission to Me is something I need her to embrace completely. she should not only take satisfaction in being sub to Me but she should take pride in it. I dont want her to think of herself as a dominant person to everyone but Me. I want her to think of herself as a submissive person only to Me. she is identifying wrong. her submission to Me isnt the exception... its the rule.

So the first time she said it that day it did make Me think. When combined with other clues like her reluctance to call Me Daddy or Sir outside the bedroom it is starting to feel more like she is embarrassed on some level by her submission to Me. I am feeling resistance where there should be none. So when I heard the phrase "I am dominant" for the second time that day without having heard even one Daddy or Sir all day, well I couldnt let it slide. To Me, it was no coincendence that I heard that phrase twice in one day. I took it as her "pushing back", so I had to make a point...

I stopped the conversation and told her to get on the floor on her hands and knees. she looked at Me a little panicked and asked why? I just repeated it to her. she looked at Me and she knew I was displeased and it scared her so she hesitated again. I told her a third time to get on her hands and knees on the floor and she said ok and finally did as I instructed. When she was on her hands and knees in front of Me I told her "tell Me again how dominant you are".

To Me she is the beautiful girl on her hands and knees in front of Me looking up willing to do anything to please Me. To Me she is submissive, she is My girl and I want her to take pride in it. There is no more important or difficult undertaking in her life than her submission to Me and I want her to be proud of her submission and proud of who she is.

she is not the worlds dom... she is My sub that is allowed to dom the world.

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Sexperts said...

This is very sexy and I enjoy your way of knowing when she is subtly trying to get out of calling your Daddy or Sir. She doesn't tell you no, she just substitutes something else... very sneaky! I do the same thing to my Dom. :) I really relate to your relationship as it mirrors mine, and I have shared your blog with my Dom so he can read, too.