Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Daddys and Sirs

I want to hear it more. I want to be called Daddy, I want to be called Sir. I like hearing it. I find it pleasing. I dont expect to hear them in most company but there is no excuse why she cant use my titles when we are alone, or on the phone or in text. I dont mind the occasional other endearment but it starting to feel like she is not quite comfortable calling Me Daddy or calling Me Sir. she needs to get accustomed to addressing Me how I wish to be addressed. I dont think she is intentionally disobeying, I just think she is a little uncomfortable with it. That will go away through repetition. I just hope for her sake its the repetition of use and not the repetition of My belt landing on her ass, legs and back.


elle said...

greetings. 1st time reader here.

i can certainly understand her position regarding calling you Daddy, as it is not particularly mainstream and definitely would give vanilla people the wrong idea.

however the term Sir is socially acceptable and not completely out there (depending on your age group).

i look forward to reading more of your journey.

hugs, elle

her Man said...

Hi thanks for reading and welcome. My issue isnt with how she addresses Me in front of vanillas. I want to hear more Daddys and Sirs when we are alone or in front of other lifestylers.

As far as giving vanillas the wrong idea... wouldnt the wrong idea be right in this case? Noone is going to mistake Me for her actual Daddy and I dont think anyone is going to mistake Me for her sugar daddy. So I am not sure what getting the wrong idea means in this instance.

Although, I do agree that the occasional use of Sir would prob have a better chance of sliding by unnoticed in front of vanillas as opposed to using Daddy in front of them.

Naughty Girl said...

DF and I tried out Daddy for a while. I couldn't get past thinking of my actual daddy when I said it and he couldn't handle my laughing (I'm a laugher to cope when things get awkward) any longer. So we'd just decided that for us Daddy didn't fit. Of course we've also discovered that we're not as dominant and submissive as we first thought. It seems to be a growing and changing process.

Hopefully you guys will find your way! And hope you're feeling better!

Amy said...

Hi! First time at your blog and really enjoyed it. I just wanted to say that it took me a while to call Richard "Daddy" without feeling really shy. But now...that is just who he IS to me. He's my Daddy and I'm his baby girl and I love calling him that. Maybe if you're just patient with her (like a good Daddy : )) it will get easier for her.

BTW it's mainly be middle class white vanilla people who would think calling your guy Daddy is a big deal. Lots of vanilla Hispanic and African American women call their men Daddy.