Sunday, July 13, 2008


I like tears. Not tears of sadness, and not tears of joy. Not My own tears for sure, and not the tears of strangers either. I like the tears the come from putting My girl under duress. Physical, emotional and psychological duress...

I pulled out My instruments of torture and set them on the bed. One by one, I picked up the items and showed them to her. I teased her and scared her, trying to decide what I would use on her that night. Would it be the misery stick she hates so much? Maybe the clover clamps that cause way to much pain? Would it be the butt plug up her tight virgin ass? That makes her cry and beg for mercy quicker than anyting I have found so far. Maybe I would just spank her barehanded or viciously slap her face and call her names?

But what about the belt that hangs on the headboard of the bed? Its been so long... I suddenly wanted nothing else but to put that belt across her ass over and over. I needed to swat her with it. I got hard thinking about beating her with it. bringing it down over and over on her ass, thighs and back. Yes, I had decided... it would be the belt. I would indulge Myself completely at her expense.

I set the other toys aside and told her she would be getting belted. I set her hitachi near and instructed her to roll over. I yanked her shorts and panties off, exposing her bare ass. she turned away and buried her head in a pillow. Its what she does, its how she braces herself for her impending doom. I folded the belt and got it ready for swatting and then leaned over her and told her " beg Me to spank you with the belt". she hesitated so I again told her "beg Me to spank you". she whispered something I couldnt hear, so I grabbed her hard by the hair and yanked her head up putting her face near mine.

"Beg Me to fucking spank you with this belt NOW slut", I demanded.

"Please spank me with the belt Daddy", she finally answered, her voice already starting to quiver.

I pushed her head back down into the pillow and let her hair fall down and cover her face. " Well, I was gonna spare you the belt tonite but since you insist on it... I guess I will". So I started belting her. Not as hard as usual, but hard enough. I didnt let up, I didnt pause, just over and over I brought it down. I heard her gasping. I told her to get her hitachi and put in on her pussy. she told Me that she couldnt it wouldnt reach (the hitachi plugs in at the foot of the bed). So I instructed her to roll on her side and it would reach. she, with an exasparated tone told Me " That wont work"

Bad move, I pulled the vibe away from her and told her "never fucking mind, its not like I care... it doesnt make the spanking any better" So I resumed spanking her but this time the belt was being fueled with anger. she started crying almost imediately after I resumed the beating.

I kept at it hard for a few more minutes until she was crying loudly and uncontrollably. I then threw down the belt and told her to roll over. I got on top of her, in between her legs, and fucked her as tears streamed down her cheeks and her mascara ran. I stroked her wet pussy deep and hard until I was ready to let go, then I pulled out and shot my cum all over her.


moonheart said...

Hmm i think she's a lucky girl. I find this hot!

Mistress Bella said...

my motuh went dry reading she is a lucky girl! I wish I could possess your aggressiveness

Alyssa said...

I have just discovered your blog and I love it! Hope all is well with you and that you will be writing more soon!

Rex Venom said...

Powerful stuff. And so honest.
Makes me think...
Rock on

Miss Glenn said...

Nice Blog..hey check out mines if you like it follow me...thanks

Sexperts said...

Very sexy! I'm curious, what kind of aftercare do you provide for your girl after a scene like that?